Deborah Marx is an attorney certified by the California State Bar as a family law specialist. She is a trained and experienced mediator.

Ms. Marx conducts divorce mediation as a neutral mediator, consults on marital and domestic partner dissolutions, and drafts and reviews pre and post marital and registration agreements. Ms. Marx is experienced in handling complex business and financial transactions related to family law.



Family Law Mediation is a process for resolving disputes between two parties through meeting and discussing their issues with the assistance of the neutral mediator. Ms. Marx is trained and experienced in mediation and has served as the mediator in many family law cases, covering all aspects of family law.

Family Law Consulting

For clients who are obtaining a divorce through the traditional court process, Ms. Marx provides both complete representation as well as consulting services.

Collaborative Divorce

In Collaborative Divorce, also referred to as Collaborative Practice or Collaborative Law, couples who are divorcing or ending domestic partnerships or other non-marital relationships, work with trained professionals as a team to resolve disputes respectfully and fairly without using court intervention.

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